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Understand Your Rights In A Meeting Under Parliamentary Law

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Intro to Website

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America's Premier
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Robert's Rules Of Order

Video Learning

We offer educational videos in three categories:

FREE VIDEOS provide parliamentary training free of charge. Watch these at any time with no subscription required.
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PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION VIDEOS cover a wide range of parliamentary subjects that are designed to help you better understand the proper application of the rules and to help you exercise your rights. Premium Subscription required.
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FULL TRAINING COURSES are multi-video packages that thoroughly cover the content of the in-person seminars that we present to organizations around the country, but these materials are uniquely presented in a video-training format specifically designed for optimal learning and comprehension.
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The Learning

Written Word Learning

We offer written-word educational materials in the following two categories:

FREE PDF DOCUMENTS are available in the Learning Center. These cover a wide range of topics to assist with your meeting needs. 

FREE CLICK-AND-READ content is available in the Learning Center, allowing you to navigate through the world of parliamentary terms, motions, and frequently asked questions at your own pace. 

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