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We are seeking confident, skilled professional parliamentarians to join our international consulting team.

Welcome To The
Associate Parliamentarian

Associate Parliamentarians enjoy a wealth of professional benefits to assist in growing their parliamentary careers.

Explore The 
Of Association.

Associate Parliamentarians benefit from a pre-set fee structure that ensures each job meets their expectations without the hassle of negotiating fees with each client. 

Associate Parliamentarians receive guaranteed rates that exceed the industry standard.

Guaranteed Rates

Associate Parliamentarians receive full-time support for all clients, to ensure that every parliamentary ​situation is fully understood and can be properly addressed to the clients' satisfaction. 

Full-Time Support

Associate Parliamentarians have access to a full array of professional resources that we have spent years developing through practical experience to assist in handling clients' needs.

Professional Resources

All clients' needs and histories are journaled through an online database that allows the Associate Parliamentarian to access all of the up-to-date information for a particular client to provide for a seamless workflow between parliamentarians in order to better serve the client. 

Integrated Client Journals

Associate Parliamentarians have access to professional resources for use with their own clients, including free consultations with us and access to associate-parliamentarian forums.

Associate Parliamentarians may enter their own clients into the Integrated Client Journaling System so that any other associate parliamentarian may seamlessly assist or advise on a moment's notice, if needed. Also, associate parliamentarians can give their own clients the peace of mind in knowing that in the event they are unable to attend a particular meeting, a qualified associate parliamentarian can cover for them.  

Assistance With
Your Own Clients

Associate Parliamentarians can collect a referral fee when referring clients. 

Referral Fees

We provide complete training on our​ Client Management System, so that you are comfortable accessing and logging client information.

We provide you with top-level assistance and consultation on each job. 

We do our best to provide you with jobs that fit your skill set and comfort level, but we also offer intensive training to help you build new skills to take on new levels of clients and expand your comfort zone. 

We offer the flexibility to allow you to take jobs that fit into your schedule. 

What You Can Expect From Us

Associate Parliamentarians should have the following attributes:


Professional minded with a primary aspiration to provide exceptional service to the client.


Well versed in parliamentary law and willing to expand their knowledge base with continuing education and professional practice.

Courteous, cordial, and kind, with a positive attitude.

Professional in appearance and manner at all times when dealing with a client.


Articulate, thorough, helpful, and detail oriented. 

Comfortable addressing large crowds and providing parliamentary guidance during a meeting.

Able to impartially serve clients and advise on the rules

What We Expect From You

We'd love to have you on our team. Please feel free to fill out the application below, and we will contact you for the next steps.

Apply Today

Application For
Associate Parliamentarian

Are You A Licesed Attorney?
Which Months Are You Available For Parliamentary Jobs?
In Which Areas Do You Have Experience As A Parliamentarian?
Do You Currently Have Paid Parliamentary Cients?
Do You Have Parliametary Insurance?
Have You Ever Been Convicted Of A Felony?
Have You Ever Been The Subject Of Disciplinary Action?
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