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The Complete Guide To Minutes

- Quickly learn the proper way to take minutes.

- Ensure minutes comply with parliamentary law.

Complete Guide To Minutes Sneak Peek

Complete Guide To Minutes Sneak Peek

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Why Learn To Take Minutes Properly?

Stop Bad Habits

Most people learn to take minutes by simply repeating the mistakes other have made. This perpetuates bad habits and creates substandard minutes.  

Ensure Compliance

Most organizations are not compliant with parliamentary law because their minutes omit necessary information and include frivolous content that doesn't belong in the minutes. 

Save Time

When you are familiar with the proper form for minutes, your note taking and drafting becomes much smoother and efficient, allowing you to quickly and easily put the minutes together, instead of struggling with unnecessary elements. 

Make Your Life Easier

Those responsible for drafting the minutes, often make the process considerably harder than it needs to be. Know what belongs in the minutes and and know the proper form under parliamentary law, and your life will be much easier.

Can You Answer This Question About Minutes?

Most People Get It Wrong.

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Quick Question About Minutes

Quick Question About Minutes

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