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Robert's Rules Of Order

Take The Next Step In Your Parliamentary Learning With This Fun And Interactive Course That Will Show You How To Quickly And Intuitively Find Answers To Your Questions In The World's Leading Parliamentary Authority, Robert's Rules Of Order.

Navigating Robert's Rules Of Order

Navigating Robert's Rules Of Order

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What's Included?

The Course Includes Multiple Videos To Help Understand The Layout And Content Of Robert's Rules Of Order.

- Layout Of The Book

- The Basics: Sections 1-9

- The Motions: Sections 10-37

- Standard Descriptive Characteristics

- Logical Flow: Sections 38-63

- Quick Search Method for Sections

- Tinted Pages: Condensed Information

- Opening The Book: The Intuitive Method

- Practice Drills For Locating Content

- Understanding The Question

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